Step into Tokyo’s Future: Toranomon Hills Station Tower Now Open

The completion of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower marks a significant step for Tokyo’s urban development. The grand opening of the tower on October 6 is set to redefine living and working in the neighborhood. 

Rich in Features 

An otherworldly scene unfolds at the Tokyo Node gallery inside Toranomon Hills Station Tower: screens project abstract diagrams, futuristic containment pods are reminiscent of science fiction films, and an ambient blue glow bathes the space in an otherworldly aura. Slowly emerging within the setting are dancers in space-age attire, moving one joint at a time as if they were programmed to do so. The performance was the first time Tokyo Node opened its doors to the press on October 2, offering a glimpse into the future of Toranomon Hills. 

This was just the beginning of the interactive exhibition titled Syn: A Horizon of Physical Sensations, brought to life by the collaboration of Rhizomatiks, a Japanese creative group specializing in interactive art installations, and Japanese dance company Elevenplay. During the show, the boundaries of perception are pushed as viewers are guided through a captivating story of dance, artificial intelligence, and 3D projections. This is one of the many features the Tokyo Node gallery offers visitors on the 45th floor of the tower. 

The interactive exhibit fits perfectly with its role in the new building. Designed as a creative hub, Tokyo Node aims to foster innovation that goes beyond conventional categories in business, entertainment, art, technology, and fashion and become a global cultural hub in the center of Toranomon Hills. 

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The sixth floor of the tower is home to the Tokyo Node Lab, an innovation creation lab dedicated to changing the future by sharing technology that will encourage progress in science and technology. This collaborative space will be dedicated to joint research and co-creation between various innovative companies. Through Tokyo Node Lab Notes on the eighth floor, the public will have access to real-time reports, research themes, and other behind-the-scenes insights into developing state-of-the-art creations and content. 

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A rooftop garden and an infinity pool that offers panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline can be found on the 49th floor of the tower. Connected to the subway station in the basement of the tower is the T-Market, featuring 27 eateries and storefronts. Elsewhere, the building features a convention center to go alongside corporate offices, a hotel, and art galleries. 

Opening Celebration:

Events under the themes of “Market,” “Music,” and “Wellness” will be held over four consecutive weekends to celebrate the completion of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower. The Toranomon Hills Market event kicks off the celebration with the opening of 20 stores selling everything from food and greenery to lifestyle goods and books. The Music event continues the celebration the following weekend with jazz and classical music events set to take place around the oval plaza on the second floor of the Toranomon Hills Mori Tower—don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra’s special performance on the 29th. Finally, the Wellness event completes the celebration on the weekend of October 21 with pop-ups and yoga programs featuring popular instructors SHIHO and Waka Nazowa.

Attendees of the event will have the chance to buy exclusive merchandise featuring the original character Toranomon from Toranomon Hills. These items will be available for purchase starting on Friday, October 6. This event marks the culmination of efforts to transform Toranomon Hills into the thriving global cultural hub it has become.

Even after the Toranomon Hills opening ceremonies, guests are invited to partake in live performances, high-end dining experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants, and anticipate the imminent opening of a luxurious hotel within the tower later this year. 

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